General Questions

The most expensive component of a cellphone is often its LCD.

When people accidently break phones, they usually damage the outer glass; but usually the underlying LCD remains undamaged. Fortunately, the LCD component of a digitizer and glass assembly found in cellphones is valuable. We extract the functional LCD from the broken screen you send us.

The LCD is even more valuable when combined back with a new digitizer. This is because the refurbished LCD combined with the new digitizer is easy for repair technicians to install. So this refurbished screen, also knowb as an LCD Digitizer Assembly, is what we hope to produce when you send us broken screens.

Our minimum order amount should be no less than $100. As to the screens quantity, we do not have limitation in an order.

In regards to shipping cost, you will have to initially pay for shipping. We will reimburse your shipping cost when you receive payment for your recycled screens.

1)    Use your personal e-mail address to create an account on

2)    Search or direct select the itens that you want to sell, follow the prompts, and generate orders (Total value should be no less than $100.).

3)    Select payment method you preferred (either PayPal or Check).

4)     Pack and ship the broken screens to us.


  Our all the recycle steps go through online and order status will be refreshed step by step which make our customers feel ease to check his/her order.

We accept cracked smartphone screens from all viable sources in States.


We transfer the funds through Paypal without a penny less. However, a variable transaction fee will be applied by Paypal based on the receiver's account which is nothing we can control unfortunately. Please check the transaction ID to get more information about how much Paypal charged.

You can choose your preferred payment method when placing an order online. We are focused on offering customers several quick and convenient methods to get paid for the cracked cellphone screens:
- PayPal
- Check


Usually our payment will be issued on Tuesday and Friday every week.

Funds are released to you via your preferred payment method. We check the LCDs for functionality since all screens must be functional for us to recycle them. The funds are immediately released after validating the functioning LCD behind the cracked digitizer screens.

A simple report is provided to you with the LCD test results. Funds are released immediately to you once the results have been accepted. This entire process only takes about 1 to 5 days.



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